To transform Kenya’ abundant solar energy into a driver for change and progress, starting with young mind that can be moulded into future custodians of the planet.
We equip the children in underprivileged schools with tools and knowledge of solar energy that can be applied in their daily lives

The Problem

Grid-based electrical power is not universally available in Kenya, and many regions are reliant on kerosene and wood for lighting and cooking fuel. Knowledge of alternatives such as energy from the sun is limited. In some regions, family incomes are extremely low and the cost of obtaining these fuels is prohibitive. In the arid others, wood fuel is scarce, and people resort to depleting whatever little remain just to get through their day.

What We Do

We strive support the adoption of solar energy in deprived areas of Kenya and stimulate practical education on the subject.

By introducing solar-based alternatives, we enable people to harness the sun’s energy and reduce the dependence on fossil fuel and forest products.

Why We Do It

The earth’s fossil-fuel resources are limited and the forest-based fuels are not regenerated as fast as they’re depleted. By harnessing the unlimited power of the sun, we can help people in their development whilst reducing environmental degradation.

The effect of this intervention is transformative: decreased use of kerosene translates into improved health. With better lighting in their homes, families need less forest products and save their habitat. The learning child attains better results and gains a stronger footing in their educational career.







Raised Funds


Our Team


Jokelies Knopper

Jokelies visited Kenya with her family in 2007 and assisted with the two eye-clinics. In August of the same year, she organized the collection and shipment of used hospital equipment to Oloshaiki Hospital a community dispensary in Namanga, and she has not looked back since. During the Oloshaiki project, she mobilised her broad professional network to collect, transport and deliver the goods all the way to Kenya. Jokelies brings to Blessed Sun a love of the country, wide experience in the care industry, and valuable skills in management and communications

Renee Dekker

Renee Dekker Renee is a career educationist with decades of experience with children with special needs. Her affinity for children and learning attracted her to the Blessed Sun mission. Renee's optimism and spirituality are indispensible qualities that make the difference considering the odds that children in Kenya have stacked against them. Her role is to engage her network for Blessed Sun, motivate the team and ensure that the record-keeping and communications meet the highest possible standards.

Marjolein Ronday

Marjolein has visited Kenya almost yearly since 1986 and has a keen understanding of the country, her people and the need for long-term engagement in development. Marjolein's passion is in the preservation of this gift and the prevention of sight-loss to those who fall under threat of losing their vision through various diseases, such as diabetes. Following the two clinics at Oloshaiki and Betty Academy, Marjolein saw the need for involvement that would bring about long-term effects. Encouraging the use of solar sources of light empowers people to work beyond the hours of natural sunlight, and also provides light sources that spare the eyesight and the lungs.

John K. Gathu

John is a native of Kenya resident in the Netherlands. Growing up in Kenya, initially in the rural setting and later in the bustling estates of Nairobi, he has seen first-hand how it is to live in a world where light does not magically come out of a socket in the wall. With a network of relations in Kenya and with the help of the the team in Holland, his dream is to see the solar revolution in Kenya, where people free themselves from the darkness and the dependence on an electrification program that cannot keep up with the growing populace.
Technical Consultant

Steve Karungu

Steve is a young, dynamic manager with the gift of inquisitiveness, analytical skills and the ability to get along with people. He is student, lecturer, manager and mentor all at the same time, and will quietly tell you that his strength comes from his deep faith and spirituality. Since the Blessed Sun Center was opened in February 2012, Steve has run the place and nurtured it every day, handling the manpower affairs and the innumerable internet and logistical challenges with his typical coolness. An old pupil of Githiga Primary School, Steve identified the project we have there.
RSIN number:
Jokelies Knopper – Chairlady
Renee Dekker – Secretary
Marjolein Ronday – Treasurer
John Gathu – Board member
Board members work on a voluntary basis. None draw a salary or material remuneration. Donations and proceeds of fund-raising activities go toward the stated objectives of the Blessed Sun Foundation.

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